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The Dragon

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 6:41 pm
by grosenberg
From the Movie Excalibur:
Conversation between Merlin and Arthur:

What are you afraid of?

-I don't know.

Shall I tell you what's out there?

-Yes, please.

The Dragon.

A beast of such power...
...that if you were to see it whole
and complete in a single glance... would burn you to cinders.

Where is it?

-It is everywhere.
It is everything.
Its scales glisten in the bark of trees.
Its roar is heard in the wind.
And its forked tongue strikes like....
Like lightning. Yes, that's it.

How can I...?

What shall I...? Must I...?

Do nothing.
Be still. Sleep.
Rest in the arms of the Dragon.

Re: The Dragon

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 7:47 pm
by Kurtis Joseph
This is quite interesting as it conveys the mythical beast as something more than an embodied monster. It implies quite well our philosophical view of the Breath of the Dragon as the no-thing that permeates all that is. The physical world in that sense would be the Dragon, and the antithesis (dark matter) would be considered the womb of the Dragon. Dark energy would then be the Drakonian Consciousness of "No-Mind".
Good post!